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Buddhist Pilgrimage Tourism in Vidarbha


The Stupa at Dikshabhoomi

This beautiful structure is in Nagpur where the ashes of Late Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar are preserved .It was here, on these open grounds then, where this great leader of the Dalits, embraced Buddhism. Hence it is known as Diksha bhoomi.


The Stupa and Vihara

On Kamptee Road, a recent construction and a thriving place for Buddhist scholars and monks.
Distance from Nagpur 9 km


The Dragon Temple at Kamptee

A beautiful temple built with donations from Japan.
Distance from Nagpur 16 km


The Nagarjun Hill

The Nagarjun Hill with a beautiful botanical garden and Vihara near Ramtek.
Distance from Nagpur 48 km


Stupa at Paoni

Situated on the banks of the Wainganga river. Paoni is the modern name for ancient Pravarpur, which was the capital of the Wakataka dynasty, which ruled over Vidarbha region from the 3rd to the 6th century A.D.
During an excavation carried out in 1897 on the Jagannath and other hills here, the remnants of a Buddhist Stupa, larger in size than the famous Sanchi stupa were discovered. One of the famous Ashta-Vinayaks in Vidarbha is also located here. The small town has a fine fort, worth a visit.
Distance from Nagpur 80 km


The Vihara at BOR DAM

This place is unique in many ways. There is a sanctuary around a lake created by an irrigation dam. The lake is surrounded by dense forest with plenty of wildlife and is a popular destination with picnickers and there is a tranquil Buddhist Vihara also located here.
Distance from Nagpur 55 km