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Visit the famous Ramtek Temple in Vidarbha near Nagpur


Ramtek is a beautiful little town set atop a hill. It is home to a historic temple of lord Rama built during the Wakataka period. It is believed that this was the place where Rama, the Hindu god, rested while he was in exile with his consort Sita and his brother Lakshman. Ramtek is also famous for its relation with the great poet Kalidas. Kalidas was a Sanskrit poet and playwright. It is believed that he composed his epic poem Meghdootam while he was resident in the picturesque hills of Ramtek. The Kalidas Memorial commemorating him is also located on this hill. The Ambala Tank, with an array of temples all around it, is located at the foot of the hill. Ramtek is also called Ramgiri, as is mentioned in the written documents of Kalidas. Every year, numerous religious activities are organised in Ramtek, on the auspicious occasion of Ramnavami, mainly in the Rama temple complex.


Kalidas is considered to be one of the greatest literary personalities of India. His works, mainly comprising of poems and dramas in Sanskrit form the cornerstone of Indian mythology. His tremendous contribution to Indian literature has been translated in several languages; and has over time inspired many dance-drama compositions, films and other literary and cultural interpretations. He penned three dramas:Malvikaagnimitra (the story of Malvikaa and Agnimitra), Vikramorvashiiya (the story of Urvashi and Puraravas), Abhigyanashakuntala (the story of Shakuntala). Of these, Shakuntala, is the most widely acclaimed and adapted work. This composition has received worldwide attention and has been translated into several languages over time.

The museum houses a large collection of artifacts, statues, and other objects of antiquity from the region of Central India dating from pre-historic to modern times. It is a must visit for lovers of antiquity. The taxidermy section is a delight for naturalists, biologists and wildlife enthusiasts.


Meghdootam is a creation of poet’s owns fancy. It is the story of a certain Yaksha condemned to banishment for neglect of his duty by his master Kuber, the God of wealth. He takes up his abode on Ramgiri in the Vindhya Mountains spending eight months in lonely solitude. One day, he sees a cloud on the peak of the mountain. Knowing that the cloud is on its northward course and thus would be visiting Alkanagari (his home in the Himalayas), the love-blind Yaksha resolves to make the cloud his messenger, to convey his feelings to his beloved wife. The sensitivity and the emotional fiber of the poem have an unparalleled mesmeric quality.